the creators are the founders of first noble foundation

The Creators and educators Steven Vreden and Gerald Vreden are founders of the First Noble foundation, the premier institute for World History and Afro-Caribbean arts & Culture based in Europe.

Author of the novel series HIS STORY OF THE WORLD,  the First Creator is:

He is an award-winning pioneer in the cultural sector, where his productions have received high praise for the eclectic combination of different art forms creating a synthesis of literature and digital technologies with performance arts telling compelling untold stories.

Through living in, and coming into contact with a myriad of different cultures, Vreden has been initiated into many cultures and traditions, becoming acquainted with these unique civilisations, their cosmology, history, folklore, spirituality and mythology. In HIS STORY OF THE WORLD he weaves together events from world history with mainly African and Caribbean cultures, mythologies and autobiographical stories.

Many of his works are based on true stories and innate memories that stretch back further than the written word itself.

HIS STORY OF THE WORLD © All rights reserved and produced by First Noble Foundation.