Collaborations and partnerships

The First Noble Institute collaborates on the Shared History of the World brand with esteemed international and national organizations:
We are proud to be an official community partner of Carnegie Hall, New York, and serve as the representatives of The Black Speculative Arts Movement in the Netherlands. We are co-producing and researching digital technologies with our Creative Technology partners the Dutch BIS organization Innovation Lab, theater Utrecht.

Shared History of the World receives support from Creative Europe Media and the European Union. Additionally, it is endorsed by official Dutch organizations and government funds, including the Mondriaan Fund, Stimuleringsfonds Creative Culture, the national Funds for Culture Participation and the Municipality Den Haag.

Our manifestation is exhibited in esteemed venues throughout the Netherlands, such as Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Theater Utrecht, &CC, Het Koorenhuis Den Haag, Concordia Den Haag, Museum voor Oudheden in Leiden, Udu Media Rotterdam and OBA Amsterdam.

In 2024, Shared History of the World is planned to be exhibited with our international partners in the United States of America, the Caribbean island of Curacao, and the European countries of Germany and France.

HIS STORY OF THE WORLD © All rights reserved and produced by First Noble Foundation.