January 13, 2024


With great enthusiasm, we announce that First Noble’s ‘His Story of the World’  will be participating in the esteemed ‘Fall of the Weimar Republic: Dancing on the Precipice’ festival at Carnegie Hall. This event, a convergence of over 50 selected partners from across New York City and beyond, is a testament to the vibrancy and relevance of historical and cultural exploration.

From January through May 2024, the Carnegie Hall embarks on a profound journey into the history and legacy of the Weimar Republic (Germany 1919-1933). This pivotal era, marked by significant cultural and political shifts, offers invaluable lessons on the fragility and resilience of democracy. The festival is set to explore these themes through a diverse range of artistic expressions, including classical music, jazz, cabaret, opera, art song, and more.

His Story of the World is preparing to unveil an exclusive exhibition at this renowned festival. Our exhibit aims to not only align with the overarching theme of the festival but also to offer a unique, insightful, and engaging perspective on this critical period in history. We are committed to creating an experience that resonates with the audience, combining historical depth with artistic innovation.

Details of our exhibition will be announced shortly. We invite you to stay connected for upcoming announcements and details about this exciting and enriching contribution to Carnegie Hall’s festival.

Join us at Carnegie Hall for a journey through time and art, as we bring to life the stories, lessons, and legacies of the Weimar Republic in an unforgettable exhibition.

Special thanks to our partner Black Speculative Arts Movement!

More info coming soon..

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