September 7, 2023

Exhibition Shared History of the World in Utrecht

We have created an exhibition featuring various artists from the African diaspora, especially for Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, as part of the Black Achievement Month. All artworks will be on display in the foyers of the theater from September 20th to December 15th, 2023.
Entrance is free! We expect to see you there!

At this exhibition, we provide visitors with a glimpse into the Afro-futuristic universe of our book series ‘HIS STORY OF THE WORLD’ and offer a new perspective on the creation and history of the world. Besides showing various African and Caribbean objects, we challenge visitors to explore the new mythology as created in the book series.

Through our events and projects, we aim to raise awareness about the rich history and cultures of the many ancient civilisations on the African continent, that had been thriving for many centuries before colonialism and the trans-Atlantic slave trade rudely interupted their development. Since no one knows how the African continent would have developed without these two events, our artists can freely unleash their creativity and reclaim the identity and pride of the African diaspora through their works of art.

The exhibition promises to be an inspiring and educational experience for everyone.
We hope to take the exhibition on tour across the country after December.

In the photo: Ma Arida, one of the characters from the book.

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