Prepare to discover ancient knowledge through an exciting journey into the past and future. Travel back 700.000 years; to a time when people had magic powers, passing planets, finding ancient civilizations, discovering the origin of myths and legends.

Journey through many dimensions of our own planet to unveil the biggest secrets about humanity.

Learn about the events and history that shaped our reality and the world as we know it today.


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When his family is under attack from an ancient evil force, Gerald has to complete the rite of passage that was brutally interrupted years before, in order to save his family.

His Journey takes him into the past to an era lost to history and forgotten by the written word.

In the lands of the Moors he learns that there is more to the world and to himself than mere material reality while being initiated into the teachings of an ancient cosmic race, the Mafu.

Although these lands seem like paradise, the same dark undercurrent that threatens the lives of his family in the present, threatens the order and peace of this ancient utopia.

His Story of the World, L’Histoire du Monde is the product of inspiring insights of not just one, but many lifetimes. It explores how people of the African diaspora reconnect with their long-lost roots.

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De Eerste Schepper


Cultura Nova Media


First Noble Institute

Creative Director

Gerald Vreden


Mythologie, Afro-sci fi, geschiedenis, magisch realisme, folklore, legendes,
fantasy, avontuur, episch.

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Gerald Vreden






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Illustrators & Art

Hakim Rafai, First Noble Institute



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  • First Noble is the European Institute for world history and Afro-Caribbean culture
  • Genre-bending, not easily categorized but already compared to Hesiod’s “Theogony: Origin of the Gods” from 7000 BC
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Fantasize & Ninja Paap-Luijten

Before you even start reading this book, you notice how beautifully the cover is designed. The paperback edition I read has flaps on the sides and is well put together. I opened the book quite wide, but there are no creases on the spine. The cover image has many details with gold-colored elements that gain more significance as you read the book. Light and the Earth itself are elements of great importance in this book, and you can also see that reflected on the cover. This is the first book in a series, but you can easily read it as a standalone. You won't be left with a cliffhanger.

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Ewout Klei journalist and historian

HIS STORY OF THE WORLD is a very special book for outsiders. You are drawn into a world that you are unfamiliar with, yet it doesn't feel entirely unfamiliar because it stems from a different tradition. Nevertheless, there are points of recognition. The history begins with the Fall of Man, just like in the Judeo-Christian tradition. And the story of gods and demigods thematically evokes strong similarities to Hesiod's Theogony (Origin of the Gods), a poetic work written by the Greek poet Hesiod in the 7th century BC. In addition, HIS STORY OF THE WORLD also carries strong Marvel vibes. Ancient aliens and monsters that seem to have stepped out of The Eternals, and a trickster reminiscent of Loki (a Marvel villain/hero and a god in Norse mythology). The ancient Greeks and the Vikings initially did not write down their heroic tales but passed them on orally, from father to son, as well as through bards who sang the epics in taverns. Does this make Gerald the African Hesiod or the African Homer, whose version of the Trojan War (the Iliad) we now know? Only time will tell.

About the author

Gerald is an award-winning pioneer in the cultural sector. His productions have received high praise for the eclectic combination of different art forms, creating a synthesis of literature and digital technologies with performance arts. He speaks from personal experiences instead of theories gained from books. His first-hand experience gives his audience insights into an unknown and exciting new universe far beyond what most people have ever experienced.

HIS STORY OF THE WORLD © All rights reserved and produced by First Noble Foundation.